How to Start Writing Great Songs

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Songwriting is not something you can learn overnight. And it's not as easy as most people think. Writing lyrics for a song is easy. Writing lyrics for a hit song is quite different.

The most important part of writing a song is choosing the topic you want to write about. I like to choose a topic that hits close to home. Like if I am havaing a bad day. My key word would be 'bad day' making my song about what i am feeling during that bad day, what caused me to have that bad day. Every song is like a book. It has a start, middle and an ending.

Once you have your topic I usually find a genre that goes with my topic. Sometimes I choose a style and then half way through I decide to ge in an other direction. But picking one right when you start helps you stay on track.

Read other peoples lyrics. Search for lyrics of music that you listen everyday. Read them, study them, learn how they are written. What made them hit songs? I have learned a lot by just listening and reading other peoples work. It teaches you the foundation of writing. No one can really teach you how to write a song they can only give you tools to make them better.

The best advice I received was to have my work critiqued my others. Songs and lyrics are hardly ever finished. They are constantly being worked on. So when you write put it away after you wrote and come back to it a few hours or days later. Read it again. Change what you don't like and put it away again.

Writing a song can be long but when it has reached a true mark. The words speak for themselves.


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