What Are the Advantages of Satellite Internet?

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You certainly know the advantages of satellite TV by now. Now how about satellite Internet? There are some strong advantages to this technology, and these advantages are unique to satellite, not shared by DSL, broadband or cable. Satellite Internet is available at practically any location on earth, even in remote areas that other providers can not reach. Because of the technology involved (a satellite in geostationary orbit), a satellite Internet connection can work anywhere, and actually work in mobile vehicles.

When compared to DSL and cable, satellite Internet is equal in speed or possibly even better in some instances. The two largest satellite Internet providers reach 99% of all the zip codes in the United States, a far greater percentage than other providers. The speed is comparable to a broadband connection. The connection uptime is 99%, and probably more stable than DSL or cable, because of the mobility involved. Satellite broadband is available on Windows and Macintosh and can support multiple users. One decided advantage over DSL and cable is that the phone line is always free, because satellite Internet works by way of a dish and modem-not a terrestrial phone line.

In the past, price was a major issue. Satellite Internet was rightfully perceived as expensive, because it certainly costs money to use a satellite high above earth for a mobile Internet connection. However, in recent months the rates have been gradually decreasing in order for Internet providers to remain competitive with one another. Some monthly charges are as low as $ 59 a month for some satellite companies.

Some membership subscriptions cost more, usually due to various add-ons, like a security package, domain parking deal, and other email, blogging and web hosting features. Some satellite services also offer a static IP address and more powerful commercial-grade equipment. What about speed? Satellite Internet can range from 700 kbps to over 1.5 mbps, which is comparable to most DSL and cable providers. The installation time for satellite services is reliably fast (an installer is responsible for installing the large dish) and customers can always call technical support on the phone, just as with any DSL or cable provider.

The best advantage of satellite Internet is that it makes an Internet connection available to many residents who live in remote or very rural areas. These people usually have no options of DSL or cable because of their location. They may have to rely on a dial up connection. There's no comparing satellite with a dial up modern connection! Satellite access works anywhere and is just as fast and efficient as the service of any ISP.

If you are interested in additional speed and Internet convenience then consider the option of satellite Internet. There are no significant disadvantages to speak of; You can enjoy fast and reliable Internet for almost the same price working with a provider in your area. One of the largest satellite providers already reports over a quarter of a million subscribers in just the US alone. In the coming years, this population will unduly grow.


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