Successful Web Design – Use of Flash and Web Templates

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Successful web design is a web design that generates a lot of revenue. Now the largest issue for any business is about making a website a profit making unit. The best resolution to this issue is in presenting the content in such a way that the website is user friendly as well as search engine friendly.

Use of Flash:

There are many programming and coding languages ​​that can be used for web design. Among these most prominent ones are HTML, ASP.NET and Flash. Flash is primarily used to embed the visual content on to the website. The visual content includes not only the images but also animations and videos. Flash has been proved to be very effective at embedding the visual content in such a way that the visuals become attractive and appealing. While the other languages ​​have limitations at embedding the visuals, Flash has proved to be a versatile tool for the web designers. It has also been proved that the visuals are far more effective at converting the visitor into buyer. This does not mean that one should use Flash to embed all the possible and available images on to the website.

Excessive use of Flash can prove to be a hurdle in the downloading of the website and drastically prolong the duration of the downloading. Some of the smart phones of today are not compatible with the Flash based websites.

Some search engines do not consider the Flash for indexing on the search engine list. This could have been harmful for the success of search engine optimization strategies. If the website URL does not feature on the top of the search engine list it is going to receive comparatively less traffic and this could be detrimental for the success of the website.

Blend of Flash and other coding languages:

The appealing feature rendered by Flash to the website is second to none. Now if the designer wants the website to be both user friendly and search engine friendly some part of the website needs to be coded in a language other than Flash. The web design content that is not based on Flash could work effectively for making the website search engine friendly. This sort of content can help the website to feature higher on the indexing of search engine list.

Use of Web Templates:

The web templates make the task of the website designer quite easy. Excessive use of templates can cost the website its uniqueness. A website needs to be a bit different from the rest to be appealing to the visitors. A template based website is usually not favored by the search engines. So one should use the web templates where they are necessary.

A professional web designer knows when and how to use the coding languages ​​and the ready to use web templates.

Source by Alan L Smith