Philippine Franchise Business, a Good Ground of Investment

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Franchising nowadays especially in the Philippines is a booming investment. The government actively integrates its overseas Filipino workers, budding entrepreneurs and small businessmen to get into the franchising bandwagon. There’s also an association of Filipino franchisers to help those who wants to venture in this kind of pursuit.

As most people know, Filipinos love to eat hence they lean on investments concentrating on food. One example is the food kiosk or cart business. There’s the kiosk of dumplings, ice scrambles, burger, shawarma, pork buns, nachos and fruit shakes to name a few. At a minimum investment of around $500, you’re now part of the Philippine franchise business.

For those with real money to invest, think about fast food businesses. A very successful franchise is Jollibee. It’s like McDonalds but with a Filipino take on food. They say that anywhere you put Jollibee, it will be a sure fire hit. They’ve branched out in Asia as well as in the US too.

Homegrown businesses are Binalot (rice meals in banana leaves), Lots a Pizza, Red Ribbon, Goldilocks, Ministop (Philippine’s version of 7-Eleven) and Waffletime. They are growing very fast every year and it will not be a surprise if they penetrate other countries as well.

Aside from food, people tend to take a look also on water refilling stations. These businesses are like mushrooms popping out everywhere. I really mean everywhere. As water is a basic need, they tapped into this resource and make a business out of it.

Training schools or those related to education are good franchise investments too. It is not some fad like other business since people have this constant hunger for learning. Since this is a service business, I would like to emphasize that its success does not depend entirely on how much money you can invest but the quality of instructors/teachers and the modules that you offer to students.

Pharmacy business joins also in the world of franchise. Mercury Drug Store is the most famous with a network of more than 700 stores in the country. Another most promising store right now is the Generics Pharmacy which boasts of best franchising support.

Lastly, franchises that concentrate on personal care are very successful in this country. Nothing beats like those that cater to women’s beauty needs as well as those of men. Notable celebrities endorse salons, spas and saunas thus creating a buzz. Eventually their fans succumb to celebrity wagon and the business gets the final credit.

All in all, whatever business you choose, dedication and hardwork is very important. Nurture and cherish it. So once you don’t longer enjoy it, you can sell it at a great sum because you’ve taken care of from the start.

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