How To Sell Your Handmade Jewelery Online

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Over 2,000,000 individual jewelery items listed on Etsy make the social marketplace an extremely crowded field for jewelery makers. When we ask jewelery makers if the site is a good fit for handmade jewelery, the answers we get are all over the place. In some ways, selling there demands that jewelery makers exercise skills that may be a little rusty.

Before you figure out how to make your work stand out online, you need to figure out whether you want to sell your work at all. There is a wide range of jewelery on offer in virtual storefronts, ranging from £ 1 to £ 100,000. Obviously most jewelers makers will fall somewhere between these two extremes.

So who's doing well online? Jewelers who use more precious metals, such as platinum and gold, and sell high-ticket items are lukewarm at the moment. Makers who use silver or alternative materials say it can be a lucrative market. While it's tempting to dismiss Etsy and other sites as being glutted with low-effort, low cost goods, there is a solid core of well-made handcrafted pieces and the buyers who are willing to pay for them.

Before you begin, go onto Etsy and similar sites and check out your competition. Who is your competition? Are there other people who are doing a similar look or design, or working with the same materials? What are they doing right and how could they improve?

Pay particular attention to your prices. Look at the price point you want to hit and then look at your pieces. Check out the prices other jewelery makers are charging, and see how those prices compare with the range you are hiring for. Look at your materials, production, packaging, shipping and labor. If you can not make the price point without forsaking a profit, either raise the price or reconsider the piece. You need to be competitive, but you have to cover your materials and labor – it's clear that many Etsy jewelers are not doing this. People are willing to pay a fair price for a product. Do not under value your designs or labor. After all, you are a professional. If you do not make a profit to keep your business going then you will go out of business.

Make sure your store reflects your online image, your packaging materials, your marketing materials and your jewelery designs. Consistency in everything you create is important. If you specialize in handmade rings make sure they follow a certain style. When someone opens your package, make sure the style they are holding and the style of what they saw online match.


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