Difference Between Web Development & Web Design

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When we are talking about advertising and media, web designer and web developer are integral part of it. But it's very important that you know exactly what the two terms are dealing with. When we are talking about web design, it's the overall look of the site seen by the visitors. When we are talking of web development, it's all about the functionalities of the site. Here we will discuss the basic difference between the two.

Starting with the basic a simple website will be comprised of things as their look & feel, way of presentation, content composition of the site, Functionalities incorporated and most important usability of the site. Going down further into detailed analysis of following things we will see how different these things are from each other.

Web site look & feel:

It deals with primarily the template design, graphics or flash used, color scheme of the site, navigation structure and overall integration of content design and navigation.

Style of presentation:

Style of presentation deals with the way you are interacting with your visitors. Your visitors are really getting the stuff they are looking? Are you visitors very much comfortable with your site navigation and content.

Content composition:

It basically deals with the relevant content, information, services & products present on the site as per the page name or title of the site.

Functionality of the site:

Functionality deals with the interactive features provided on the site for visitors, such as search option, user registration or forums.


Usability means user friendship of the site. The things countable can be easy navigation, usefulness and easy interaction.How web design and web development are related:

Now the truth lies here that web design and development are two different things but to make a site live they need to be integrated perfectly. Both design team and development team has to work in conjuction to make a site hot & happening. And to pass the testing phase both teams has to make things happen.

So taking care of site designing part web designers has to take care of graphic design in which they need to be proficient. Implementing flash, animation, user-friendly navigation, content integration & maintaining overall usability of the site is job of a professional web designer.

Web development programmers are concerned with the functionality incorporated into the site. Making HTML pages and integrating the programs, adding functionality, making site more usable is the job of web developers.

Since both web design and web development needs to be integrated to make a site perfect. It's a job of both developers and designers to make everything perfect.

So for you all you need a professional web design development company to make your site best.

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