7 Tips To Guarantee A Successful Group Recruitment Evening

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Group recruitment evenings are a great way to save time and money in selecting the right people for your business. It really fits into the mantra of "recruit on attitude first, then on aptitude".

However, you need to use it selectively for the right type of roles within your company and make sure that you present your business, and yourself, in a professional light.

Here's some tips and tricks to ensuring that you present yourself and your business in the best possible light.

1) Use Phone and Interview Scripts at Each Stage of the Recruitment Process
Nothing shouts "unprofessional!" like a business owner rambling along without any cues, scripts or consistency. Using scripts ensures that you put your best foot forward at all times. Refer to our website for a copy of the key scripts that will make a huge difference to the success of your recruitment program.

2) Confirm Each Stage of the Process With Applicants
Ensure that applicants know exactly what is going on at each stage. Those that have been shortlisted should be sent an email (from your company email) with clear details on the intention of the group information evening, near car parking and what they need to bring with them. Ensure that the start and finish times, as well as the venue details, are clearly outlined.

3) Ring and Confirm Details of the Group Information Evening With Each Attendee
Using a phone script, ensure that someone phones each attendee on the morning of the Group Information Evening to confirm all details. This will increase your chances of quality people attending.

Be aware that no matter how many people say that they will absolutely attend, you will experience at least a 30% drop off in attendance. Therefore, to create an atmosphere of scarcity, always set at least 50% less chairs than you have confirmed attendees. I would rather you had to bring in chairs, than have empty chairs.

4) Correctly Position the Group Information Evening
Many applicants will feel uncomfortable about attending a group information evening as it is unfamiliar territory.

When phoning applicants to invite them to the group information evening, ensure that your script positions it correctly. Let applicants know up front that it is a no pressure environment where they can come to see a presentation about your business and the position that you're recruiting for. At the end of the presentation, they can then decide whether the company or the position is for them or not. If it is, then they can complete an application form.

Also let them know up front that if there is a vision match between what they're looking for and what you're looking for, then that's terrific, but if there's not, then that's okay too. Let them know that they can leave during break the half-way through the evening.

As this is a little known recruitment method, you may get people who are skeptical about the process. Answer the applicant's questions or concerns in a fair and measured way.

5) Present Your Business and the Position Professionally
The group information evening is a fabulous opportunity for you to present to applicants about your company and the position that you are recruiting for. You want applicants to be excited about the prospect of working for your company. So ensure that you put your best foot forward.

Spend adequate time preparing (and checking) a professional looking PowerPoint presentation that outlines your company, and the position that you are recruiting for. Ensure that as per any professional presentation that it includes an agenda and timeline of the evening – as well as explain when people can leave if they feel that it's not for them. (For an excellent recruitment presentation that will save you hours of time putting together, refer to our website for a copy of the 22 Essential HR Templates workbook which you can purchase from our website. to run a successful, easy and streamlined Group Recruitment session).

Have a networking break half way through – along with some snacks. This is not the time to skimp on spending a few dollars per person to get a decent slice of cake and a coffee. Remember that many people will have come straight from work so may be starving by the time the break comes along. First impressions do count!

The break also allows those that are not interested in pursuing the opportunity to leave. It also provides an important opportunity to speak to people one-on-one and also see how they interact with others.

After "half-time" let people know that if they are interested in applying for the position that they can fill out an application form and leave a copy of their resume with you. You may also want them to complete a psychometric test at this stage also. Having trained in the Enneagram for over 12 years, I use this as a powerful method to be able to get a "sneak peak" at the personality profile of the person.

At the end of the evening, you can then sit down and discuss each applicable with your team members and shortlist down for those to come in for a personal interview.

6) Involve Your Team Members in the Group Information Evening
Ensure that some (or all) of your team members attend – so that they can also lend credibility to the process and provide input into the selection of the right candidate. It's amazing how your team can provide information on an applicable that you might have easily missed!

7) Personal Interview
By the time you have your shortlisted applicants attend a one-on-one interview, you will be able to speak more in-depth about their experience and their skill set.

The bonus is that by this stage you would already have built some degree of rapport. They should be bursting with excitement to work with your company at this stage. If they're not, then seriously question whether they are aligned with your values ​​or not.

For more tips on how to get the best out of your applicants at an interview, refer to our article "Getting the Best Person for the Job" which is available both on our website and at ezinearticles.com.

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